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A day of travel, or time to digress


July 27 2018

Every minute changes us irretrievably. If a second passes, it means we’ll never be the same again. Every meeting, every touch, every kiss, and even just every passing out of a stranger in the hallway makes us someone else. Of course, sometimes, these are tiny changes, imperceptible. It seems that this day is the same as before. We complain about routine, but do we want to change?

Well, yes, because we are not so stupid, we know that if we want something better in life, we also have to change accordingly. Great! It is simple, we are changing! In addition, we repeat the appropriate affirmations, we start to work out, we read wise books … we change ourselves … and we start asking questions, why it does not work, why in spite of so many efforts, despite such big changes which we can put on the ritz which we can really be proud, our life does not change into a fairy tale?
Or maybe the changes are just like a document on a computer? You can make changes, but it will be saved only if we do “save” operation, when we will accept these changes. And when we accept these changes, we can not do “save only part” or “save or not save”. I know, I know you can go back to the documenr, make new changes, or create a backup. Like any metaphor, this one is not perfect. But I meant when we provide alterations, we change, but we forget about acceptance. We want to be more beautiful, but we do not accept emerging wrinkles, we want to be smarter, but we still have a grudge against the past, we want to be happy, but we are not sure that we are due. We do not accept the evanescence of time, we do not accept the actual state. We run away, or we keep standing.
But enough, it was supposed to be about the journey. When traveling, especially in such places like Spitsbergen, where you still feel humbleness towards nature, you can be only yourself. There are only you and a journey, and the journey has no scruples about showing you who you really are. It is usually accepted to talk about travels only in superlatiwus, and this is also true. Life without a travelling is a life without taste. But the journey is also a stress, excessive baggage, fatigue, helplessness in the face of events out of hands and dependence on others – everything as in real life, right? A journey does not lie and do not care about your opinion, here you can learn more about yourself than in many self-development courses and in addition you will learn at an accelerated pace. Oh, it looks like I want to scare everyone … no, of course not.
I want to share the way I have for the journey. You have to fall in love with travelling, accept all these wrinkles and imperfections. To know that everything exists, but who cares. Let’s accept that travel is not always comfortable, and suddenly it turns out that small gestures make your trip easier, let’s accept tiredness, and suddenly it turns out that a great view can so delight that fatigue disappears, let’s accept the past, because everything only led you to this moment here and now when you are on your way to Spitsbergen.

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