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Arrival – at the crossroads


July 30 2018

I believe in love at first sight. Later, of course, it is time to get to know and understand each other. But to see the glow that forejudge a love – you need only a minute.
That’s how it was with me and Spitsbergen. It was already after the meeting of our group in Oslo, when after the first look filled with all these unspoken fears, which like it or not come to mind in the morning, when you decided, what to say, to quite original tour, with people you do not know. After this first glance, after a long wait, including a three-hour flight delay, when all fears broke away when it turned out that we all had the same controlled dose of madness that rushes people to the edge of the world and which makes strangers a bundle of friends in a minute.
Well, but a first sight. The plane coming in for a landing and through a gray and unfriendly eiderdown of clouds for a split second one can see a piece of brown land with a strip of snow. And I know that I fell in love mutually. I know that we are coming to unusual land, which may be an introvert, but if he likes you, he can fascinate you.
Getting on the plane, seeing the crowd of tourists dressed more like a trip to the Caribbean (in the end we have July and +30C), we began to have concerns that maybe we are not so original, and Spitsbergen is not a distant land. But all these doubts were dispelled after landing at the tiny main airport of Svalbard.
After leaving the airport, we recognize the famous signpost, but not the number of kilometers to many places on earth give us the feeling that we are far from everything. There is silence here, and there are just a few people around. And the view: the mountains and the sea, which cannot be mistaken for anything else – a recognizable landscape, engaging, inspiring, but so familiar. As you would see a familiar face, but you cannot remember yet from which past life.
And now I have the certainty of answering a question that has been asked many times before leaving: why Spitsbergen, why for? You know that all roads lead to Rome, but just like the direction of the wind, it determines where it comes from, not where goes, in life there is a moment for the question, not only where we are going, but where is a place where we departed. And I do not know a place more suitable than Spitsbergen to accept the past, places at the crossroads, places where the winds begin to blow and lead more than one way. And it’s good to be at the root to decide which wind is good for you and in which direction it is right to go.

And if you landed at the airport in Svalbard, your first step will inevitably lead to Longyearbyen, the gate of this wonderful land, the promised land of the north, a place that our group saw before only in dreams, and now intends to wander seriously in the company of our Captain Paul – a real Viking from Milanówek (because being Viking is determined by heart, not by place of birth) on the yacht Azimuth, which will call our home for the next 10 days.

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