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Every journey begins with packing


July 26 2018

You know this feeling. You back after another trip, you unpack and promise yourself that now you will not go anywhere long time. Because of work, because of money, because tiredness, because something else to do … And this promise is kept, until you hear someone’s conversation, see the cover of a book at a store window or, in my case, you get into a short discussion on the travel group on fb … And suddenly it turns out that I unpacked after 35 degrees of Athenian heat, only in purpose to pack up for a place where you can freshen seriously – Spitsbergen.
Why Spitsbergen? Because I am confident and convinced, as in nothing else, that for the next 10 days, my place on earth is there. We all know, all the way to the holes in the socks, statements that you have to follow your heart, that you must not do anything against yourself – and you know what, truisms are usually true. And I believe that my heart chose Spitsbergen.
But why speaking seriously? Because I am greedy, because I am a collector, I collect memories and experiences – and for me there is no more valuable collection than everything that has been preserved in my memory and my soul. And I still have a lot of space on the shelves. And one large shelf already has sign “Spitsbergen”.
I do not know how it will be, except that it will be amazing. Amazingly, because touching the glacier is similar to touching a dream – when a dream is fulfilling, you feel a shudder. Our world is so wonderful that sometimes we protect ourselves with indifference, so our perception can keep up with all this. But you must allow yourself to relish with these miracles, give yourself freedom to feel without restrictions, free your faith that if you squint your eyes and ask for something so-very much, Spitsbergen will do everything to fulfill it for you.

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