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Cruises to Bergen

General Information

About Bergen

Surrounded by majestic mountains of Bergen, the capital of Western Norway is situated on seven hills offering fantastic sea views. The second largest city in Norway is full of history and tradition. Local residents are proud of their city and many of them will be happy to show tourists its most beautiful corners.

More than ten percent of Bergen’s population are students, and it is their presence that influences the city’s youthful atmosphere. Enthusiasts of spending time outdoors will find many attractions thanks to the proximity of mountains and the sea.

More Information

Small Houses Perched at the Foot of Seven Hills

The roots of 900-year-old Bergen come from the Viking Age. Bergen owed its great importance from the beginning of its existence to Hanza, which chose it for its headquarters in the north of the continent. Bryggen - the Hanseatic wharf is the most visible remnant of those times. Today, there are restaurants, pubs, museums and craft shops here.

The Bergen landscape is made up of charming wooden houses, perched at the foot of seven hills that surround the city. One of the city's important attractions, besides Bryggen, is Torget i.e. a fish market. Every morning, on weekdays, fish and seafood are sold here. Customers engage in conversations with fishermen about the latest catch, surrounded by a group of onlookers. Gravlaks (marinated salmon), lobsters and klippfisk (dried cod) are sold at the stands.

The inhabitants of Bergen and tourists like dancing and folk music. During summer, concerts and open-air dance shows take place almost every day. One of the largest cultural events in Norway - the International Music Festival is organized here, too.