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Direction: The North

The Capital of White-Tailed Eagles

Cruises to Bodø

General Information

About Bodø

It is the largest city in the county of Nordland. It is an important commercial and administrative center. The midnight sun can be observed here from June to July.

Bodø has the strongest current in the world Saltstraumen and the Børvasstindan mountain range. Despite the Arctic Circle, Bodø has many beautiful beaches, the beauty and color of the water that can match the bathing beaches of the Mediterranean. Bodø is also the capital of white-tailed eagles, nowhere in the world there is a greater concentration of these majestic birds than here. Every day you can admire how they are rising above the city and sitting on the rocks near Bodø.

More Information

A Northern Part of Norway

The area around Bodø was settled about 10,000 years ago, the third oldest rock carvings and the oldest musical instrument in Norway were discovered here. Before the unification of Norway, the independent Kingdom of Hålogaland spread here, and the inhabitants of this area were famous for the construction of ships.

Today's Bodø is a compact city - the distance between the airport, the railway station and the ferry and Hurtigruten terminals is the smallest in the country. It is also the final railway station, then we will not go north by train.

As befits an old base for NATO aircraft, Bodø is a must see for every aviation enthusiast. There is the Norsk Luftfartsmuseum here, which has the status of a national aviation museum in Norway.

About 10 km south-east of Bodø (33 km by road) there is one of the greatest local curiosities - Saltstraumen. This narrow strait is an extraordinary example of the power of the tides. Every 6 hours, 400 million cubic meters of water pass through this area. The water can accelerate to 22 knots, creating the strongest current of its kind in the world. The whirlpools formed by it reach 10 meters in diameter and 5 meters in depth. This place is popular with anglers who come here to hunt cods, Atlantic wolffish, rose fish, halibuts and a local specialty - saithe.