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"Our Town"

Starting from the South

Cruises to Egersund

General Information

About Egersund

Approximately 80 km south of Stavanger there is a municipality of Egersund with its capital – Egersund, called “okka by” or “our city” in the local dialect. Today, it is Norway’s largest fishing port.

Egersund lies in Dalane, one of the best natural bays in Norway, full of fish – there are few cities that boast more fish.

More Information

Picturesque Landscapes of Rogaland

Egersund comes from the word "eik" (oak) and belongs to the oldest known local names in Norway. In the form of "Eikudarsund", it appears in the thirteenth century saga about King Olaf the Saint by the Icelandic Snorry Sturlason. The city rights (and the right to trade without the supervision of the nearby Stavanger) were obtained by Egersund in 1798.

Throughout the 20th century, the authorities of Egersund tried to "renew" the city by leveling off old wooden buildings and replacing them with "modern" concrete buildings. Due to the chronic lack of funds, these plans have never been implemented and today Egersund has a well-preserved center in the old style. The buildings are under conservation protection and no one thinks of replacing them any more. Thanks to the city's shortage of money, we can take a walk along some charming streets full of little shops and cafes - Strandgaten and Storgaten. It is also worth going to the port and the Hauen district with a picturesque mosaic of houses, workshops and restaurants.