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At the Gateway to the Fairytale Island

A Picturesque Marina

Cruises to Finnsnes

General Information

About Finnsnes

Finnsnes is a small town, located in the Troms district, in the municipality of Lenvik. It is picturesquely situated by the Gisundet Strait, near the huge Gisund bridge, connecting it with the island of Senja – “The Fairytale Island”.

The island is also called “Norway in miniature” – there are mountains, fjords and charming towns there. In Finnsater, a 125-tonne, 18-meter troll statue is worth seeing. It is the largest one in the world, as noted in the Guinness Book.

More Information

From Agriculture to a Service Centre

Finnsnes lies in a region that has undergone rapid growth and changed its nature over the last 100 years. Initially, it was only an agricultural village, however, by the development of local trade and services, in 2000 it gained the status of a city. Agriculture and fishing are still important here.

The town, which is only 3.5 km2, is also the cultural centre of the region. It has its own schools, a library, a sports hall and a culture center where concerts and performances take place. In summer there is a weekly festival "Finnsnes and Fest". This is one of the few places where there is a park with a natural lake. All changes are being watched by the old Wiking Ottar fra Halogaland, whose monument stands in the harbor. It is the symbol of the city.