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The Pearl of Northern Norway

Meet Nearby Nature on Foot

Cruises to Harstad

General Information

About Harstad

Harstad is the third largest city in Northern Norway, picturesquely and strategically located on the largest island of Hinnoya. It is located near the Lofoten, to the west.

During your visit to Harstad you will discover a cozy place where time passes more slowly, and interesting natural surroundings. Harstad is also a combination of old and new architecture, which together with numerous cafes and restaurants provides pleasant atmosphere.

More Information

Feel the Arctic

Harstad delights with its picturesqueness. This is where in summer you can see the sun 24 hours a day and mysterious green and purple northern lights in winter. This is a great place to start your arctic adventure.

The magnet that attracts tourists is certainly the landscape as well. Beautiful verdure on the peninsula, sandy beaches like in the Caribbean and turquoise water create fairytale landscapes. In addition, high and practically bare mountains surrounding the fjord waters. The described region is one of the best known points for observing the northern lights in autumn and winter. The colorful auroras dancing above our head are something breathtaking and can be watched for hours.