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The Island with Scandinavian Chamonix

Mountains, fjords and auroras

General Information

About Kvaløya

Kvaløya is the fifth largest island of Norway, located in the municipality of Tromsø. It lies between neighboring Tromsøya and Sommarøy, with which it is connected by long bridges.

In the northern part, it is characterized by beautiful mountain landscapes, criss-crossed by fjords. The Kattfjordeidet range even gained the name of “Scandinavian Chamonix” because of impressive mountains and spectacular views. It is worth visiting Ersfjordbotn village, picturesquely situated in a beautiful fjord at the foot of this mountain range.

In the south of the island there are a few resorts and a famous fishing place in Hella. Reindeer, otters, eagles and other birds can be found in the area throughout the whole year. Whales often appear along the coast. It is not without reason that “kvaløya” means “an island of whales”.

More Information

Spectacular Auroras

Because the island is a bit distant from Tromsø, it has favorable conditions for admiring an amazing phenomenon - the northern lights.

Aurora is the result of the collision of the solar energy stream with the atmosphere. This happens only around the poles, about 100 km above the ground. It is multicolored, because it shines in the colour of the dominant gas in the upper atmosphere. When protons and electrons collide with oxygen particles - it shines in shades of green, if with nitrogen particles - it shines in shades of red.

In Norway, the best places for viewing the northern lights is the entire northern part - from the Lofoten Islands, through Tromsø, Alta, to Nordkapp and Kirkenes. It is visible from mid-October to the end of March, preferably between 18-1.

When going to the "aurora hunt", it's worth getting some warm clothes and ... a special smartphone app that predicts the place of its occurence.