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The Place of Meeting of Five Regions

A Gateway to the Lofoten Islands

Cruises to Lødingen

General Information

About Lødingen

Lødingen is a town and municipality in the Nordland district, located in the south-eastern part of the island of Hinnoya, called the “gate of the Lofoten Islands”. Although geographically it belongs to the Ofoten, the municipaliy is virtually located at the junction of five regions (Lofoten, Ofoten, Salten, Vesteralen and Troms), and between five fjords (Vestfjorden, Ofotfjorden, Tysfjorden, Tjeldsundet and Gullesfjorden).

The symbol of Lodingen is a flower woven from a rope with five petals, referring to the city’s location.

More Information

From Fishing to Art

The town gained in importance when in 1875 a telegraph station was moved here from Vestbygda, and later the seat of the state maritime pilots' administration was placed here. After World War II, just behind the town, the army founded the fort Nes. Today, neither the army nor the telescom is here, but the city is still popular because of ... bicycles. Every year there are several cycling races here, e.g. Lofoten Insomnia, Vestbygd-rittet, Viking Tour. So it is not surprising that Lodingen is called "The City of the Bikes".

Although the city itself is currently dominated by services, it is agriculture and fishing that play a major role in the municipality. Small farms prevail in the area, farmers cultivate animals and produce dairy products, mainly goat milk. Fishing mainly means salmon and cod fishing. In the 90's, herring was also very popular here, which attracted many Norwegian fishermen and Russian merchants, who were coming here from far away. There are several fish processing plants in the area, fish farms and a seaweed processing plant.

The commune is also popular due to granite used by artists from Artscape Nordland - an international artistic project whose aim is to bring art to people in their place of residence. The project currently comprises 33 works of 33 artists from 18 countries, located in 32 counties in Nordland and one in Troms.

It is worth mentioning that in the nearby Nes there are rock carvings dated to 5000 BC, which are the northernmost rock carvings known to us.