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A Tiny Fishing Village

Unusual Atmosphere of a Fishing Village

Cruises to Nusfjord

General Information

About Nusfjord

One of the smallest fishing villages, which due to its location and preservation of traditional wooden architecture has been included in the protection program under the patronage of UNESCO.

Nusfjord is captivating – located between the sea and the rocks it is described as one of the best preserved fishing settlements, and in fact it is so, mainly because a part of it has been turend into an open-air museum. Once it was the most important fishing village on the whole of the Lofoten.

More Information

What About Fishing?

Regardless of the means of transport we choose to get to the Lofoten, a clear change in the landscape is visible at first sight. The seemingly inaccessible Lofoten Wall hides quiet lakes and fjords next to which small fishing villages have been spread. They are true pearls of the archipelago, perfectly suiting the cultural image of the region. Some of them, due to their unique character, preserved for centuries, have been covered by a pilot project on the maintenance of Norwegian traditions of wooden construction. And so it is with Nusfjord.

When entering the settlement one gets the impression that a secret village has just been discovered somewhere between the mountains. The more so because to get here, you have to get off the main route, which few tourists do. Maybe this is why it is really quiet and peaceful here.

Red houses, the reflection of high mountains in the calm water of the fjord. You just have to visit this place.