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The Gateway to the Arctic

350 km behind the Arctic Circle

General Information

About Tromsø

It is the largest city in the Arctic region in all of Scandinavia. It lies about 350 km north of the Arctic Circle and it has the same latitude as northern Alaska. It occupies a major part of the Tromsøya island and a part of the neighboring Kvaløya island.

Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen set out for their expeditions from here. The city is called the Gateway to the Arctic, the City of the Arctic Ocean and “Paris of the North”. It attracts tourists as a perfect place to observe northern lights.

More Information

The Gateway to the Arctic Adventure

Tromsø, founded in the XIII century, was originally a village of about 80 inhabitants. The city gained the name of "Paris of the North" in the XVIII century, when merchants imported fashionable outfits from the capital of France, selling them to the wives of wealthy local merchants.

Tromsø is an ideal place for observing northern lights. Here you can also experience exciting outdoor activities and try local dishes served in restaurants.

In spring and summer, from May 20 to July 20, the sun does not set here, which creates perfect conditions for using additional hours of light and all available attractions. Tromsø has mild climate for a place so far north. This is due to the coastal location of Tromsø and the warm Gulf Stream.

The city is famous for its rich nightlife and numerous restaurants where you can taste local dishes made of Arctic ingredients.