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Across the Arctic Seas Tromsø – Spitsbergen 15-Day Expedition

"Bear Meat" - Quite Frozen

Tromsø - Bjørnøya - Spitsbergen

Degree of Difficulty: Medium-Hard, Expedition.

General Information

Where else can you taste the proverbial “bear meat”? Here it is not only hard to eat, but also frozen. Where else can you face your weaknesses than in the Arctic?

One of the most interesting sailing routes is ahead of us, 450 Nm to the North across the open Barents’ Sea. On the way, if Neptune permits, Bjørnøya – the notorious Bear Island. Anyone who comes out victorious from this test after 4-5 days can see glittering white land on the horizon and can discover its beauty. Spitsbergen. Therefore, apart from adventure, there is also exploration of the western part of Svalbard ahead of us, with its unique places being a reward for earlier effort. And having digested the bear meat we hope to see the king of this land on the shore – a polar bear.

If the weather allows, we will have around 6-8 long polar days in Spitsbergen. This is the time when, in addition to visiting the Polish Polar Station in Hornsund and the most interesting Isfjorden sites, we will try to go towards Ny-Ålesund and, depending on current ice situation, get closer to the ice limit.

More Information


Day 1: Embarkation and exploration of Tromsø

Tromsø lies far above the arctic circle and is called the Gateway to the Arctic, being the starting point for many polar expeditions. For us it is also the beginning of our expedition to Spitsbergen.

The embarkation starts at 4 p.m. Then, making use of a 24-hour polar day we set off to Longyearbyen, to meet the North. There we see reindeer walking in the streets, try local bear and catch breath before a long journey.

Day 2-4: Tromsø – Bjørnøya – Sørkapp

We set off to the North for a real sailing adventure leaving behind hospitable Norwegian fjords. Although with every mile we approach the North there is more and more sun. We stay one-on-one with the sea, leaving land behind the stern.

If conditions allow, we will approach the Bear Island, the most southern part of the Svalbard archipelago, being an invitation to further journey.

We set off looking for high snow-covered mountains ahead of the bow. When we see them, we can be sure we are in the region of Sørkapp, a little island near the southern part of Spitsbergen. From this time on beautiful landscapes accompany us to the end. After almost 100 Nm, i.e. about 600 Nm from Tromsø, we sail into Hornsund, where in a picturesque fjord there is a Polish Polar Station. We ask for permit and visit this hospitable place.

Day 5-7: Hornsund – Isfjorden – Longyearbyen

Having taken a rest we continue to the north and after 80 Nm we sail into Isfjorden, in the direction of Longyearbyen. There is the first real marina there, showers, mainland and a visit in a local pub. A toast to „those on the land”, because the ones on the sea apparantly have succeeded again. We do not stay in Longyearbyen longer than necessary. An invitation to the Arctic Land is ahead of us.

Day 8-14: Longyearbyen – Isfjorden – PoolepyntenNy-Ålesund – the North – Isfjorden – BarentsburgYmerbukta – Longyearbyen

We devote our remaining time to intense exploration of Spitsbergen. Depending on the weather, ice conditions and the participants’ physical condition we choose the option: the North or Isfjorden. In the first option we head for Ny-Ålesund and, if there are adequate conditions, go further to the north. In the other option we slowly explore wild fjords, glaciers, Pyramiden, looking for whales and polar bears. This way or the other – it is still beautiful and spectacular.

Day 15: Longyearbyen

Every journey must come to an end. This final day is the time for last Longyearbyen walks, saying goodbye and returning home.

In the case of stormy conditions on the way Tromsø – Spitsbergen and a few-day lack of possibility of sailing to the open sea, we will try to sail towards Nordkapp, visiting Skjervøy, Hasvik, Havøysund on the way. Such situation may shorten the stay in Spitsbergen.


Places to visit

Meet Our Team

Marek Rajtar

He's travelled the world from one end to the other, to stop at Spitsbergen.

Pawel Pelc

He won't sit still. Well, unless it's Svalbard.

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The price includes:

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  • all trips made on an expedition fully-equipped yacht
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  • additional personal fees in ports

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  • hotel reservations in Longyearbyen – if necessary
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