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The Arctic for you 8-day expedition

The Land of Ice and Unusual Animals

Magical Isfjorden and a Taste of the North

Degree of Difficulty: Easy, Tourist.

General Information

Is this trip for you? Is the Arctic Land the place where you can spend your holidays?

Yes, but only if you can open your eyes wide and start admiring the beauty of the amazing northern world. Entrust us with your time and we will take you perhaps on the most beautiful journey of your life.

During this trip you will have a chance to visit many interesting places of Spitsbergen. Taking advantage of the 24-hour polar day, we will visit the nooks and corners of Isfjorden with its bays, glaciers, places where the man tried to beat the forces of nature. You will taste the ice and you will see giant glaciers up close and mountains with towering peaks above them. You will also set your foot in almost virgin places where there is no trace of human presence.

On the itinerary there’s also a route towards the north, towards Ny-Ålesund, so as to escape civilization even more and reach the places inaccessible from Longyearbyen.

Together, we will immerse ourselves in the land of animals of the far north. You will meet reindeer, huge walrus, hundreds of different birds, and if we are lucky, we will come across a school of whales or see a polar bear on the shore – this is their land after all.

All of this in a small group, from the deck of a comfortable and safe yacht in the care of experienced people whose only task is to make you return delighted with the Arctic Land. Be sure to take your camera and a video camera with you so that you can share your unique experiences with your loved ones after you come back. We guarantee that you will have something to talk about…

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Day 1: Embarkation and exploration of Longyearbyen

The embarkation begins at 4 pm. Then, making use of a 24-hour polar day, we set off for Longyearbyen. We visit interesting Svalbard Museum or the North Pole Expedition Museum as well as the remains of mining equipment. Already here we can come across a herd of reindeer among beautiful houses. We end the day in one of several atmospheric pubs, enjoying specialties of the northernmost brewery in the world.

Day 2: Longyearbyen – AdolfbuktaPyramiden

After leaving Longyearbyen we head for the north-eastern part of Isfjorden. On entering the next fjord we approach Adolfbukta and the first Nordenskiöldbreen glacier, which makes quite an impression. Then we go to nearby Pyramiden and spend a few hours here visiting this surreal place. In an open bar we can taste Russian dishes and if we are interested we trek on a nearby mountain, where we admire amazing views by the grill.

Day 3: Pyramiden – Skansbukta – Longyearbyen

In the early morning we set off to the next fjord – Skansbukta. We make a landing there in the vicinity of a wreck near the beach. We also visit the remains of a mining shaft and a narrow-gauge railway. The day ends in Longyearbyen.

Day 4: Longyearbyen – PoolepyntenNy-Ålesund

There is another intense day ahead of us so we start very early because a longer route full of attractions is here for us. We leave hospitable Isfjorden and head north. On the way there’s a real treat for us – a walrus colony at Poolepynten lying on the shore. We disembark and approach the animals as close as possible while maintaining total security. At any moment we can see polar bears. After a series of amazing photos we go further up north to Ny-Ålesund.

Day 5: Ny-Ålesund – Ny-LondonMagdalenefjorden – Ny-Ålesund

We visit Ny-Ålesund for a few hours. We stroll to the northernmost post office, where we can send a postcard. We drop in at the northernmost cafe, a souvenir shop, we see the Amundsen monument – everything here is northernmost. After all, this is the 78th parallel of the north latitude. Then we go to Ny-London, passing growlers from a nearby glacier on the way. In Ny-London we visit the remains of a historical marble quarry. We visit a trappers house, which is not a museum at all, but a real functioning house. We are surrounded by a beautiful panorama of mountains and glaciers.
We continue to the north, with every mile setting your north latitude record. We sail towards Magdalenefjorden, an even wilder part of Spitsbergen, hoping to meet whales and polar bears. We explore Magdalenefjorden, anchor in Trinityhamna Bay and go trekking to the forehead of the nearby Gullybreen Glacier. We approach very closely and from a cozy beach we observe the process of calving, when enormous blocks of ice break off from the glacier’s forehead and crash into the sea with a bang, at the same time arousing fantastic fountains.

Day 6: Ny-Ålesund – Isfjorden – Barentsburg

Today we return to Isfjorden. On the way, we admire a beautiful panorama of high mountains protruding from the sea, surrounded by snow and ice. We look for fishing spots, and if we succeed – the deck fills with a pleasant smell of freshly caught cods. The day ends in a Russian port of Barentsburg, where in the Red Bear restaurant we can try a tasty fish soup and a real Ukrainian borsch. We visit this Russian settlement and prepare for further travel.

Day 7: Barentsburg – YmerbuktaNordfjorden – Longyearbyen

After leaving Barentsburg, we head towards Nordfjorden. A few beautiful, rarely visited bays with glaciers are ahead of us. We approach their head to observe the process of iceberg calving at close range. In these amazing places, we say goodbye to the Arctic and sail to Longyearbyen. This is the time to celebrate the successful trip, sum it up and say thank you.

Day 8: Longyearbyen

Everything that is beautiful must end. This final day is the time for last Longyearbyen walks, farewells and returning home.

The above program can be changed due to weather conditions.


Places to visit

Meet Our Team

Marek Rajtar

He's travelled the world from one end to the other, to stop at Spitsbergen.

Pawel Pelc

He won't sit still. Well, unless it's Svalbard.

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