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Auroras and killer whales 8-Day Expedition

Extraordinary Wildlife Safari

Beauty of Nature and Tromsø Area

Degree of difficulty: Easy, tourist.

General information

Winter is coming, Spitsbergen is slowly getting more and more icy, the sun is beginning to set. It’s getting more and more inaccessibe there. However, at the same time winter is exposing Northern Norway’s two main attractions. It’s inviting us to extraordinary shows featuring auroras and killer whales. All of that in the scenery of beautiful, soaring mountains standing out against the blue of the sea.

We want to explore this wonderful land by all means available. Moving between view points by car, or abandoning civilization for an unforgettable yacht cruise.

If we add to the above-mentioned attractions: dog sledding, reindeer feeding, visiting a Sami village, breathtaking panoramas, trekking, cruise aimed at whale watching and cod fishing, all of that will contribute to an unforgettable time and a unique experience.

Our base will be a picturesque and atmospheric city of Tromsø. There’s an airport here, served by cheap airlines.

The presented itinerary will be adjusted to what nature offers to us. Socializing will also be very important.

More Information


Day 1: Tromsø

Embarkation starts at 4pm. We visit Tromsø walking down its streets – we admire the historic center, interesting colorful houses, an open-air museum, the cathedral, to reach the most popular street Storgata, where we can buy some souvenirs and relax in one of many bars. In the evening, we integrate at dinner and if there are favorable conditions – we end the day with a walk to the Prestvannet lake, where in a magical atmosphere we expect the appearance of an equally unusual aurora.

Day 2: Kvaløya

After breakfast, we set off for a car trip around the island of Kvaløya. On the way, we stop in beautifully situated villages of Kaldfjord and Ersfjordbotn. Equipped with snowshoes in the first place we go on an easy trekking to the top of the Brosmetinden mountain, from where there is a fantastic panorama of the ocean and nearby islands. The mountain is 525 meters high, and the distance back and forth is about 4 km, which should be covered in about 1-2 hours. Then we drive to the center of the island and climb a small, 300-meter mountain Nattmålsfjellet, belonging to the Kattfjordeidet mountain chain, called the “Scandinavian Chamonix”, due to its high peaks and spectacular views. The climbing is not difficult either and it will take us about 40 minutes one way. Animal and adrenaline lovers spend the first part of the day on a husky farm and in the open air, where they try their hand in dog sledding (option). A whole lot of impressions is assured! We set sail at night.

Day 3-6: TromsøLyngen SkjervøyKvænangen Tromsø

We sail in the picturesque areas of Skjervøy and Kvænangen in search of herds of killer whales. On the way, we pass the Lyngen peninsula with fantastic landscapes of rocky, precipitous Lyngen Alps, whose steep slopes somehow grow out of the water. The Ullsfjorden and Lyngenfjorden surrounding it on both sides are extremely picturesque. We throw the anchor in Skjervøy and on the picturesque island of Spildra, and look out for auroras from the deck of the yacht. We “chase” killer whales. They move here in whole herds of 40-50 individuals, hunting for herring, which moved into these areas last season. Perhaps we will be able to witness the “carousel technique” used by the whales to obtain food. It is a truly magnificent spectacle! Then we set out on a hunt – we fish for cods using a calmer technique “a fishing rod” and with a bit of luck we enjoy the unique taste of fresh fish. We sail in the direction of Tromsø all night, which again gives us ideal conditions for observing the aurora from the yacht deck, away from civilization.

Day 7: Tromsø – Hella – Hillesøya Håja Tromsø

We go on a car trip in the direction of Sommarøy. On the way, we admire beautiful mountains and resorts located against them. With excitement, we look out for whales that often show here near the coast. We stop near the village of Hella, where there is an excellent fishing spot. Here we can catch not only cod, but also extremely tasty wolffish and coalfish. We reach Sommarøy – an old fishing village, partly located on the island of Sommarøya, and partly on Hillesøya. In the summer, these islands are a real tourist attraction for sun-longing Norwegians who are happy to rest here on clean, sunny beaches. In winter the beaches are often covered with snow, but the atmosphere of holidays is still noticeable. The ones who wish to, climb to the top of Hillesøya island, from where there is a wide panorama of the area, including an interestingly shaped island of Håja, whose shape influenced the design of the form of the Arctic Cathedral. Today culture-lovers have the possibility of a great optional trip to a Sami village, who have lived in this area for centuries. As the Sami culture has always been associated with the reindeer, we have the opportunity to see a huge herd of about 200 individuals. We feed these majestic, but extremely gentle animals, learn to lasso them and finally go on a reindeer sleigh ride. In a lavvo, the Saami treat us with warm drinks and a traditional bidos soup with reindeer meat and vegetables. They enchant us with story telling and traditional singing, i.e. joiking, they move us into another world. In Tromsø, we go for the last walk together to the beach in Sydspissen and like every evening we wait for the appearance of the aurora.

Day 8: Tromsø

We use our time before departure on further sightseeing of Tromsø. We start the day with the trekking to the viewpoint on the top of Fløya (671 m a.s.l.), from which there is a magnificent panorama of Tromsø and the surrounding area. The lookout point is located in the middle of the mountain at the final station of the Fjellheisen cable car. For the ambitious ones who want to reach the summit there is still 45 minutes of gentle climbing ahead. Going down from the summit, we admire the Arctic Cathedral, which is a characteristic point of Tromsø, and then we go to Polaria – a museum and an aquarium – of an equally characteristic shape. We say “see you soon Norway” and go back home full of impressions and new plans.


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Meet Our Team

Marek Rajtar

He's travelled the world from one end to the other, to stop at Spitsbergen.

Pawel Pelc

He won't sit still. Well, unless it's Svalbard.

Malgorzata Rajtar

The word "holidays" has assumed a new meaning.

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