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Magical Lofoten One Way 8-Day Expedition

Soaring mountains, red houses and spectacular views

Mountains Immersed in Fjords

Degree of difficulty: Easy, tourist.

General information

When asked about the most beautiful place in their country on the mainland, a random Norwegian will probably answer without hesitation that it is the Lofoten.

This amazing, 112-km-long archipelago is located in the north-western part of Norway, in the Norwegian Sea. It is a place where narrow fjords cut between sharp, jagged and soaring lumps of mountain ranges, giving spectacular views. The rocks created 3 billion years ago bewilder with their majesty. The rorbuer, wooden, colorful houses built on rocks or stilts embedded in the bottom of the bays, are perched over the water. Their vivid colors contrast greatly with the calm gray, green and white background. In no way, however, do they resemble the old Viking settlements who stayed just there.

The Lofoten is also a land of flavors and smells. Fish predominates, especially cod. Whether it’s dried or fresh – especially if caught yourself – it’s worth trying. Nowhere else is it so tasty.

Because from the end of May to mid-July on the Lofoten there is a polar day, we have enough time to enjoy amazing views that will stay in our memory forever.

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The route on 07.05 – 14.05.2019 is from Tromsø to Bodø, and on 14.05 – 21.05.2019 in the opposite direction.

Day 1: Embarkation and exploration of Tromsø

We start embarking at 4 pm. We visit the city and admire Norwegian architecture. At midnight, we sail towards Lofoten.

Day 2: TromsøFinnsnesHarstadLødingen 

We set off to Finnsness, a town 40nM away from Tromsø, admiring Norwegian landscapes and fishing on the way. We stop in a picturesque marina, next to a giant Gisund bridge, joining the town with the island of Senja, called the Fairytale Island or Norway in Miniature.

Next we sail to Harstad, the third biggest city of northern Norway, located really beautifully. With a bit of luck we admire killer whales on the way. After a few hours we get to Lødingen, called the Gateway to the Lofoten. We stay here a little longer.

Day 3: LødingenTrollfjorden

We move along beautiful fjords, stopping from time to time for fishing, and head towards the breathtaking Trollfjorden – a narrow, deep fjord, surrounded by soaring snow-capped rocks, from which numerous waterfalls spew. We go ona short mountain trip in the direction of Blafjellet, and when we come back we make a grill as a reward for our effort. We spend the night in an unforgettable scenery.

Day 4: TrollfjordenSvolværHenningsvær

We get to Svolvær, “the capital” of the Lofoten. The ones interested visit the extraordinary War Museum with its unique exhibits from World War II, north-Norwegian centre of art or unusual Magic Ice – a gallery of ice sculptures. We admire the characteristic peak of Svolværgeita with two “goat” horns.

Next we go to Henningsvær – a picturesque town on islands, cut with canals, which reminds us of Venice.

Day 5: Henningsvær – Nusfjord – Reine

We set sail to the north-east and go to Nusfjord, one of the smallest charming fishing villages, the whole being under UNESCO patronage due to its location and traditional architecture. It’s very beatiful here, so we find time for sightseeing.

Next we sail to Reine which is thought to be the symbol of the Lofoten. The ones who want to go on an evening climbing trip to the peak of Reinebringen with a fantastic panorama of the vicinity.

Day 6: Reine – Sorwågen – Å

We stop in the town of Sorwågen, where we admire red houses on stilts. We go on trekking to a village 2 km away from Sorwågen, of the shortest name of Å. We witness there the process of drying cods, visit the Museum of Stockfish and obligatorily take a photo with the village plate.

Day 7:  ÅBødo

We say goodbye to the Lofoten and set sail to Bødo, which is about 50nM away. This part of the trip is more on the open sea, so we get a better chance to see whales and killer whales. We spend the evening in the marina, celebrating our cruise together.

Day 8: Bødo

We bid farewell to beautiful Norway, looking with longing to the North, which tempts us with the beauty of snow-capped peaks, the closeness of wild animals and the majesty of glaciers. Next time.

The Bødo – Tromsø route has a reverse order. Planned routes may change due to weather conditions, the length of trekking and attractions encountered along the way.


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