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To the End of the Far North 12-Day Expedition

To Feel the Endlessness

An Arctic Adventure

Degree of Difficulty: Medium, Expedition.

General Information

This offer is intended for people who like challenges, who want to forget about civilisation for a while and face the limitations and difficulties of taking part in an expedition to the north. Sailing experience is not required, but fortitude is necessary.

The prize awaits you in the North. It is wild, inaccessible places of the Arctic Land. Full of ice, high mountains, harsh landscapes and wonderful animals.
We will start and finish the route in Isfjorden, by visiting its most important places. However, our goal will be the North, spending the maximum amount of time there, exploring glaciers, looking for the ice limit. Admiring Spitsbergen. Making use of a polar day and a comfortable yacht suited to the arctic conditions, we want to experience a journey of a lifetime that changes the perception of the world.

We will turn into Adventurers. We will look for the ice limit and sail between ice fields, blocking the way to the far North. We will look for the closeness of the largest glaciers, beautiful, freshly-born icebergs, large whales and polar bears. The depths of our soul.

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Presentation of the Northern Part of the Route

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Day 1: Embarkation and exploration of Longyearbyen

The embarkation begins at 4 pm. Then, making use of a 24-hour polar day, we set off for Longyearbyen to welcome the North. We can see reindeer in the streets there, try a local beer and catch our breath before a long journey.

Day 2: Longyearbyen – Isfjorden – PoolepyntenNy-Ålesund

We leave Isfjorden and sail to the North. On the way we stop at Poolepynten, where there is a walrus colony. We disembark and watch these wonderful animals at close range. Then we move north, to Ny-Ålesund.

Day 3-4: Ny-ÅlesundNy-London – Magdalenefjorden

We take a rest in Ny-Ålesund and visit the town for a few hours. The northern end of the world with a post office, a cafe and a souvenir shop. The most important and symbolic one to us is the monument of Amundsen. From this site there were the first attempts to reach the North Pole. We explore Kongsfjorden: nearby glaciers and Ny-London.

We set off in the direction of Magdalenefjorden, leaving behind a semblance of civilization, getting wilder and harsher landscapes in return. We explore Magdalenefjorden, anchor in Trinityhamna Bay and go trekking to the forehead of the nearby Gullybreen Glacier. We approach very closely and from a cozy beach we observe the process of calving, when enormous blocks of ice break off from the glacier’s forehead and crash into the sea with a bang, at the same time arousing fantastic fountains.

Day 5-6: MagdalenefjordenDanskøya – Virgohamna – north-western Svalbard islands – Texas Bar

We set off (with a short stop on our famous cod fishing spot) towards the north-western part of the Svalbard archipelago. This is the kingdom of the polar bear, whom we can meet before, but here it is the most common. We travel across fjords, bays, around islands and approach the next
fantastic Smeerenburgbreen glacier. If conditions permit, we take the dinghy and try to get to the glacier as close as possible, to see its huge dimensions. Fantastic photos guaranteed.

Then we go out to the open sea. In the north there is boundlessness in front of us. Depending on the present ice conditions, we can see glistening ice fields in the distance. However, we head east towards Woodfjorden, where our next stop is located, Texas Bar (the route towards Woodfjorden is an option depending on the weather).

Day 7-9: Texas BarMonacobreenMoffenNy-Ålesund

We stop opposite the Texas Bar and we visit it of course. This is an exciting place. And then we start exploring many beautiful, wild places, which will stay in our memories forever. We are planning to do another trekking here.

We sail towards one of the most beautiful Svalbard glaciers – Monacobreen and if the ice conditions allow us, we get closer to its terminus, where we will be able to observe the detaching ice blocks. With a little luck, belugas will accompany us there.

We start our return journey. However, anyone who thinks that the greatest attractions are behind us is wrong. We start with the visit to the walrus colony on the island of Moffen. The last time they paid us a visit at the side of the yacht, they gave an amazing spectacle. We also cross the 80th parallel of the north, and on this occasion a toast and swimming in the sea is something obligatory. Depending on the time and weather conditions, the option of sailing towards the ice limit will be considered. Nevertheless, we feel amazed at the real end of the world, suspended between the northern part of Spitsbergen and the pole. This space is amazing and provides unforgettable experience. Moving towards the west, we look for whales that often stay in these areas and have often been seen close to our yacht.

Day 10: Ny-ÅlesundBarentsburgLongyearbyen

Returning to the south, we admire beautiful panoramas of high mountains protruding from the sea, covered by snow and ice. We approach the Fallbreen Glacier, which rises from the sea almost vertically and contrasts with the mountain peaks. Entering Isfjorden we turn to nearby Barentsburg, where we celebrate the success of our expedition – a sauna, The Red Bear pub, obligatorily signing on the ceiling with a felt-tip pen, next to the previous Azimuth crews. But what happens in Barentsburg – remains in Barentsburg…

In the evening we reach Longyearbyen and making use of the benefits of the polar day we go to the center.

Day 12: Longyearbyen

Every journey must end. This last day is the time of Longyearbyen walks, farewells and homecoming.

The route above depends on weather conditions (especially towards Monacobreen). A route towards Pyramiden is also an option.


Places to visit

Meet Our Team

Marek Rajtar

He's travelled the world from one end to the other, to stop at Spitsbergen.

Pawel Pelc

He won't sit still. Well, unless it's Svalbard.

Malgorzata Rajtar

The word "holidays" has assumed a new meaning.

Welcome to an Unforgettable Journey

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