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The Arctic for Companies/Groups 8/12-Day Expedition

Joy Shared in the Heart of the Arctic

The Beauty of the Arctic Among Your Friends

Degree of Difficulty: Easy - Medium, Tourist.

General Information

Spitsbergen is a unique northern world. The dangerous, legendary Arctic is at the fingertips of those who want to visit it and spend their holidays differently than so far – at the edge of the world, absent in popular tourist destinations.

Our offer is the answer for those who are looking for something more than repeatedly blazed touristic and commercial routes. We have travelled the world from one end to the other and stopped in the Arctic. With appropriate experience and opportunities we lead you through this land of adventurers.

Beautiful wild places: the sea, fjords and bays, soaring mountains, glaciers and icebergs, and above all wild, wonderful animals, rarely found elsewhere in such numbers. Pods of whales and walrus colonies watched at close range, hundreds of different birds, seals, reindeer walking by and above all, the king of these areas – the polar bear.

Enchanted by the beauty of Spitsbergen, we always feel the absence of our close relatives with whom we would like to share our impressions. That is why we direct this offer to organized groups or companies. We also run marketing, project organisation and team management trainings, so we can combine business with pleasure.

More Information


Offering our extensive experience, we will advise you on choosing the most suitable option – the route suiting your interests and possibilities. We will help you at each stage of the trip preparation so that your only task is to pack up and get on a plane flying to Longyearbyen. And then just tasting the Arctic Land. We will also prepare for you personalized trip souvenirs, containing your logos. In an 8-day option, we can offer a few route variants, including the exploration of beautiful Isfjorden sites and the routes to the North or the South.

Sample variants:

Variant I – easy, tourist route:

Day 1: Embarkation and exploration of Longyearbyen

Day 2: Longyearbyen – AdolfbuktaPyramiden

Day 3: Pyramiden – Skansbukta – Longyearbyen

Day 4: Longyearbyen – PoolepyntenNy-Ålesund

Day 5: Ny-Ålesund – Północ – Ny-Ålesund

Day 6: Ny-Ålesund – Isfjorden – Barentsburg

Day 7: Barentsburg – YmerbuktaNordfjorden – Longyearbyen

Day 8: Longyearbyen


Variant II – more difficult route, more time in the North:

Day 1: Embarkation and exploration of Longyearbyen

Day 2: Longyearbyen – Isfjorden – YmerbuktaBarentsburg

Day 3: Barentsburg – PoolepyntenNy-Ålesund

Days 4-5: Ny-Ålesund – Magdalenefjorden – the North – Ny-Ålesund

Days 6-7: Ny-Ålesund – NordfjordenPyramiden (option) – Longyearbyen

Day 8: Longyearbyen


In 11/12-day options we can suggest a following route:

Variant III:

Day 1: Embarkation and exploration of Longyearbyen

Day 2: Longyearbyen  – Isfjorden – PoolepyntenNy-Ålesund

Days 3-4: Ny-Ålesund – MagdalenefjordenDanskøyaTexas Bar

Days 5-6: Texas Bar – MonacobreenBockfjorden – Texas Bar

Days 7-8: Texas Bar – Moffen – the ice limit – the north-western Svalbard islands – Ny-Ålesund

Days 9-10: Ny-Ålesund – BarentsburgNordfjorden – Longyearbyen

Day 11: Longyearbyen

If you are interested in our offer, contact us. We will arrange a meeting and agree on the details of the trip. In case we start cooperation we will button everything up.


Places to visit

Meet Our Team

Marek Rajtar

He's travelled the world from one end to the other, to stop at Spitsbergen.

Pawel Pelc

He won't sit still. Well, unless it's Svalbard.

Welcome to an Unforgettable Journey

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The price includes (for a 10-person group):

  • the trip and accommodation in a comfortable 2/3-person cabin
  • a set of bedclothes and a towel
  • all trips made on a comfortable fully-equipped yacht
  • an experienced captain
  • fees related to the formalities and consents of the Governor of Spitsbergen
  • yacht and sea’n’rescue insurance
  • weapon rental
  • taxes and fees related to the trip
  • versatile information preparing for the trip

The price does not include:

  • flights to and from Longyearbyen (cost about 240 – 360 EUR per person)
  • full board, the cost of which is to be determined together
  • fees related to fuel and yacht stops in ports
  • individual insurance of the participant
  • additional expenses on land (shopping, restaurants)
  • additional personal fees in ports

Additionally we provide:

  • assistance in purchasing an airline ticket or in looking for the best flight options
  • hotel reservations in Longyearbyen – if necessary
  • advice on preparing for the trip

Payment schedule (to be confirmed):

  • 20% – at the time of the booking
  • 40% – 4 months before the expedition
  • 40% – 2 months before the expedition
  • in the case any term is later than two months before the trip, the payment should be done at the time of the booking or two months before