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The End is in the Beginning

A Fishing Village and Dried Cods

Cruises to Å

General Information

About Å

Å is a small fishing settlement, whose inhabitants mainly live on fishing and stockfish. It is located on the Moskenesoya island and it is the beginning of the E10 road linking the Lofoten, up to the Gulf of Bothnia. Although it is a small village, there are a couple of museums here dedicated to the fishing and processing of the cod.

A characteristic view of Å is the poles placed in various places, where cod is dried every season. The taste and smell of this Norwegian specialty makes Å worth a visit.

More Information

In the End There is Å

The name of the town is very apt because it is the last letter of the Norwegian alphabet. The village of Å marks the end of the line of peaks forming the "wall of the Lofoten" or Lofotenveggen, and it is worth reaching at least to pop into the Fiskevaersmuseum. The Museum of the Fishermen's Village was arranged in a XIX barn. The cafe opposite invites you for a moment of rest at a piece of home-made cake.

The name Å is a brook, a small river or a stream. In this small charming settlement we can also find a museum of stockfish, which shows what happens every year, that is mass cod fishing, and then drying them in various ways.

Strolling around the village, you can see many places where the whole cod or only their heads are dried. Combined with numerous birds flying over them, the view is like Hitchcock's and can take away the pleasure of tasting the famed stockfish for a long time. Fortunately, beautiful mountains compensate for any unpleasant views.