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As if hewn in ice

Ice caves

Cruises to Adolfbukta

General Information

About Adolfbukta

Adolfbukta is a bay located in Billefjorden, which is a branch of Isfjorden, situated in the central part of Spitsbergen. The Nordenskiöldbreen glacier, which is 25 km long and 11 km wide, has its terminus there. The head of a glacier with ice formations looking like hollow caves is quite impressive.

In the south of the bay there are interesting remains of the Brucebyen settlement, which is the cultural heritage of Svalbard entirely under protection.

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Nordenskiöldbreen Panorama

More Information

Scottish-Spitsbergen Syndicate

The history of Brucebyen goes back to the activities of a Scottish oceanographer and scientist William Bruce and the Scottish Spitsbergen Syndicate (SSS) founded by him in 1909 to exploit the minerals of Spitsbergen.
His activities covered large areas of Svalbard, especially around Billefjorden and Tempelfjorden, as well as Prins Karls Forland in the east.

The settlement itself was established in 1919 and initially was called Camp Bruce. There was planned to be a coal mine there on a large scale.

Brucebyen is the best preserved settlement of this type belonging to the Syndicate. There are four residential buildings here, one of them is currently used by the Governor of Svalbard. The other one burned down in 2010, but was rebuilt two years later. Between the buildings you can find abandoned mining and industrial equipment, often of unknown purpose. There are also remains of a narrow-gauge railway nearby.

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