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A Village of Fishermen and Artists

Venice of the North

Cruises to Henningsvær

General Information

About Henningsvær

Henningsvar is a charming fishing village in the municipality of Vagan, in the district of Nordland, picturesquely situated on two islands Heimoya and Hellandsoya, belonging to the Lofoten archipelago.

It is cut by canals and narrow winding streets, which is why it has been called the “Venice of the North”. Mount Vagakallen rises majestically over the port at the height of 942 m above sea level.

More Information

Inspiration to Artists

The town was connected with the rest of the Lofoten by two bridges - Engoysundet and Henningsvar only in 1981. Probably that is why it has preserved its traditional architecture and charm. We will find wooden houses and a picturesque harbor here. What is worth seeing is Heimgardsbrygga - the oldest harbor of the village dated 1850 and the building of the former fish processing plant. It used to serve fishermen, and each boat had its own room assigned. Today, there is a hotel, a craft shop and home-made sweets shop here, as well as an exhibition of old fishing tools.

No wonder that in such picturesque scenery the village has became the inspiration for artists who have numerous galleries and studios here. Many handicrafts are collected at Galleri Lofotens Hus. On the Engelskmannsbrygga pier there are pottery workshops and glassblowing workshops, and in Henningsvar Lysstoperi candle making workshop we can do something for ourselves. Henningsvar can also boast of a tradition of wool products: socks, hats and mittens - fingerless gloves, or gloves covering the fingers only in half. "Sjyvotta", i.e. gloves with one finger, are also popular here. In addition, colorful woolen hats called Haddock are designed here. It should not come as a surprise that the name "haddock" means a fish related to cod.

In addition to being a tourist attraction, the village has retained its fishing character. In winter, the largest cod fishing takes place here, as the fish gather here for spawning. The proof of the huge presence of these fish are numerous wooden racks for drying them, located on the outskirts of the city. It is a must to try the Lofoten caviar and the Lofoten fish pate, which is a local version of the famous Svolvar pate. The production of cod liver oil is also a tradition in the Lofoten. It is worth visiting a local workshop to buy such oil and see how it is obtained. Its taste can positively surprise us.