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Polish Scientists on Spitsbergen

Polish Polar Station

Cruises to Hornsund

General Information

About Hornsund

High, towering peaks, another glacier in the background, and at the foot of the green plain there is a Polish research station. You can see its large buildings and well-developed area already from a distance.

The station makes a huge impression and you can feel really proud of this beautiful Polish area in a fairytale landscape, torn out from ice desert.

More Information

Scientific Work in the Heart of the Arctic

The station is organized very professionally, the spacious building contains a large number of rooms, adapted to all necessary purposes. Rooms with food supplies, a gym, an enormous kitchen, the rooms of polar explorers living there. The most impressive is the living room where you can sit comfortably. Spacious, nicely furnished, with a library, a TV and some sofas.

Measuring devices are placed around the station building: meteorological frames, radio masts, satellite dishes. The dogs guard the whole station. Their main task is to warn about approaching polar bears.

The station is run by the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It carries out all-year research in the field of geophysics and the polar environment. It is the northermost Polish all-year scientific institution.

An interesting fact is that for every dozen or so places here, 2 - 3 thousand people apply every year. As you can see - the Arctic is tempting.

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