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Skiing Madness and Meditation

Like in the Alps

General Information

About Lyngen

Lyngen is a peninsula located in northern Norway, in the municipality of Lyngen, in Troms district. It is distinguished by two fjords – Ullsfjorden from the west and Lyngenfjord from the east. Although it is quite large – it is 43 km long and 16 km wide, it is connected to the mainland by a merely 2-kilometer Lyngen isthmus, where the main town of the region can be found – Lyngseidet.

There are only a few villages around the peninsula. No wonder, because the vast majority of the area is occupied by the rugged Lyngen Alps, whose steep slopes somehow grow out of the surface of the water. A large Jægervatnet lake located in the western part of the peninsula emphasizes the charm of this place. The landscapes are very picturesque here, and the place is simply created for mountain trips, skiing, fishing or meditation.