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The Northern Pearl of Svalbard

The Most Beautiful Glacier

Cruises to Monacobreen

General Information

About Monacobreen

Monacobreen is one of the most beautiful and largest glaciers in Spitsbergen, located in Liefdefjorden. It owes its name to Prince Albert I of Monaco, who discovered it during his expeditions in 1906/07.

The glacier’s toe is about 7km wide, and 60m high. Sailing through the ice pack of the calving glacier sparkling with all the shades of blue makes a huge impression.

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Panorama of Monacobreen

More Information

The whiteness of Icebergs, Belugas and Bears

Monacobreen is the most beautiful, truly amazing glacier in Spitsbergen. White mixes here with blue - of ice, snow, belugas and bears. Surrounded by towering mountains, its ice tongues plunge into the fjord.

It is the goal of every northern exploration of Spitsbergen. In the surrounding harsh and wild beauty you can forget about the whole world. The prevailing silence is interrupted from time to time by a fierce murmur of breaking ice. You can often encounter whale pods here, including belugas.

The shores of the fjord are gentle and perfectly suitable for landing. You can go in the direction of the glacier's toe and climb above it. The glacier seen from above is one of the most amazing views. Thousands of ice peaks, blocks, craters, crevices and frozen lakes create an unearthly panorama, the view of which is enough reason to travel a long way north.

In this beautiful scenery you should find time for rest, reflection and fun. The more courageous ones can swim in freezing water and admire icebergs at close range.

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