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Texas Bar

A Place of Shelter and Rest

A Northern Trappers' Hut

Cruises to Texas Bar

General Information

About Texas Bar

Texas Bar is one of the two legendary, northernmost trapper houses. It is located in Liefdefjorden, the fjord of love (de Liefde = love), the western branch of Woodfjorden. It was built in 1927 by two trappers Hilmar Nøis and Martin Pettersen Nøse, who spent 38 years in Spitsbergen. Its name refers to the state of Texas. In the distance you can see the most beautiful Monacobreen glacier.

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Texas Bar

More Information

Northernmost Retreats

Although the cottage is very modest and looks like a shed a little better than a shabby house, it is still in very good condition. Currently, it serves mainly as a landmark and shelter from bears. Inside there is a stove, wood, dishes, two beds, a first aid kit and several food products. It has become a tradition that visitors can use the goods left here, but in return they should also leave something for the following guests. You must sign up in the Commemorative Book and take a picture of yourself. Opposite Texas Bar there is a cove where you can safely anchor your yacht.

The second trapper house called Villa Oxford was also built by Hilmar Nøis in 1924. It is even higher up north in a small bay of Worsleyhamna, on the north side of Liefdefjorden.

Both houses were satellite stations, i.e. they were located a day's walk from the main station and served as a simple shelter.

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