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Polar Bears 10-Day Expedition

Direction: The North

Begin in Isfjorden and Sail to the North

Degree of Difficulty: Medium, Tourist.

General Information

Welcome to our next offer for an expedition in the Arctic Land. We begin and finish it in Isfjorden, but we plan to spend more time in the north-western part of Spitsbergen.

Why there? The whole Spitsbergen is the kingdom of polar bears. Their population is about 3,000 animals to be met anywhere. But the part where our expedition leads to is their land, they’re seen there the most often. We’ve got here our favourite places where we’ve met them. So the North.

We begin in Isfjorden, which offers a whole collection of innumerable, beautiful places. We will be surrounded by high mountains rising from the sea, covered with snow. Their colours create unforgettable views. We will cross wild bays to which majestic glaciers descend. Their high heads, to which we will approach, are full of cracks, caves, peaks of unbelievable shapes. We will sneak between freshly born icebergs and growlers, taste the ice, even literally – in a glass in which liquer will only complement the noble ice. We will set our foot in places where human presence cannot be seen. Of course, we will try to visit also those ones where a man lost the fight with the forces of nature.

And we will set off to the North, into the land of wild, arctic animals, meeting hundreds of birds and colonies of walruses along the way and looking for whales. We will approach the ice limit and sail high north as long as our desire, time and opportunity allow us. Ny-Ålesund, Magdalenefjorden or even further towards 80°N. We will have a lot of time because we will use a 24-hour polar day. We will go on our journey in a small, intimate group, on board a comfortable and safe yacht. With experienced guides who will do everything to make you come back delighted with the encounter with the Arctic Land and the Kingdom of the Polar Bear.

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Day 1: Embarkation and Exploration of Longyearbyen

The embarkation begins at 4 pm. Then, making use of a 24-hour polar day, we set off for Longyearbyen. We visit the interesting Svalbard Museum or the North Pole Expedition Museum and the remains of mining equipment. We can come across a herd of reindeer among beautiful houses already here. We end the day in one of several atmospheric pubs, enjoying the specialties of the northernmost brewery in the world.

Day 2: Longyearbyen – Isfjorden – YmerbuktaBarentsburg

For us, this day is a real welcome with the Arctic Land. We leave hospitable Longyearbyen and head for Isfjorden, to the west. When we enter the bays, we meet ice for the first time. We start with a bang. The combination of blue water with white and blue glaciers surrounded by high mountains makes a great impression. But there is nothing to worry – we won’t be lacking in impressions the following days. Before we leave Isfjorden, we stop in Barentsburg to taste the delicacies of Russian cuisine in the Red Bear restaurant.

Day 3: Barentsburg – PoolepyntenNy-Ålesund

We leave hospitable Isfjorden and head north. On the way we stop at Poolepynten, where there’s a walrus colony. We disembark and approach the animals. The walruses lying on the beach let us come close enough to observe them in detail and take wonderful pictures and videos. Now we head further north, to Ny-Ålesund.

Day 4-7: Ny-Ålesund – MagdalenefjordenDanskøya – the North – Ny-Ålesund

We stay in and visit Ny-Ålesund for a few hours. Everything is northernmost here – the post office from which you can send a postcard, a cafe, a souvenir shop, the Amundsen monument. Everything smells of the end of the world and the pride of lying at almost 79th parallel.

We move further to the north, in the direction of Magdalenefjorden, leaving behind a semblance of civilisation, but getting wilder and more austere landscapes in return. The nearest 48 hours during a polar day we spend on the exploration of north-western part of Svalbard archipelago. This is the kingdom of the polar bear, which we have a chance to see earlier, but there is the place where they show the most often. So we travel across beautiful fjords, bays, islets in the search of their white king. Shall we meet him in the same places?

Depending on thr ice situation in a given time we have a chance to approach the ice limit and beat our own northern latitude records. Full of impressions and cameras heavy with beautiful pictures, we come back to the south.

Day 8-9: Ny-Ålesund – Isfjorden – NordfjordenPyramiden (option) – Longyearbyen

We begin our way back to Isfjorden. On the way, we admire beautiful panoramas of high mountains protruding from the sea, surrounded by snow and ice. We stop for fishing in the waters abundant in cods. We sail into Isfjorden and approach its northern branch – Nordfjorden, where we sail in the area of calving glaciers, admiring this incredible process. If there is time we go to Pyramiden to see a part of a post-Soviet surreal world. In these places we say goodbye to the Arctic Land and head for Longyearbyen. It’s time to celebrate the successful trip, sum it up and say thank you.

Day 10: Longyearbyen

Every journey must end. This final day is the time for last Longyearbyen walks, farewells and returning home.


Places to visit

Meet Our Team

Marek Rajtar

He's travelled the world from one end to the other, to stop at Spitsbergen.

Pawel Pelc

He won't sit still. Well, unless it's Svalbard.

Malgorzata Rajtar

The word "holidays" has assumed a new meaning.


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The price includes:

  • the trip and accommodation in a 2/3-person cabin
  • all trips made on an expedition, fully-equipped yacht
  • an experienced captain
  • fees related to the formalities and consents of the Governor of Spitsbergen
  • yacht and sea & rescue insurance
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  • hotel reservations in Longyearbyen – if necessary
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